55 Unknown & Amazing Christopher Columbus Facts That Everyone Gets Know 2023
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Unknown and Amazing Christopher Columbus facts :

Christopher Columbus Facts? why are people curious about Christopher Columbus life?

Because Christopher Columbus was a controversial figure. Some historian believed that he has discovered New World America and open the new gateway for trade and cultural harmony.

While some has regarded him as mass murder and a monster.

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer and he remembered for discovering “The New World”.

He disturbed the economy of three countries. After his death, some of the facts and unrevealed stories have been published about his life, voyage, ships, and family.

Here are 55 unknown and amazing Christopher Columbus facts which increase your knowledge and awareness about Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus Facts
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These facts will cover the and quench the thirst for those people who wanna know about some secret and unknown Christopher Columbus facts.

The research-based article reveals the Christopher Columbus Facts for kids, Christopher Columbus facts for a school student who is trying to get data for their research.

And for those who are curious about Christopher Columbus facts for his early life.

Let’s get started.

Christopher Columbus Facts About his Early Life:

(1)Christopher Columbus didn’t get any education in school, he taught himself a group of languages (Portuguese, Latin, and Spanish), Map analyzing, Mathematics, Trading rules, reading and writing my own.

(2)He has four brothers and one sister.

(3)His wife name was Filipa Moniz Perestrelo and she was a noble lady.

(4)The birth sign of Columbus is Scorpio.

(5)His father name was Domenico Colombo and mother name was Susanna Fontanarossa.

(6)At the age of 14, he started his carrier as a sailor.

(7)Columbus wants to spreads Christianity all over the world.

(8)Christopher Columbus was tall above the 5′ 7 in young age with pale skin, pale blue eyes, red-blond hair.

(9)His hair turned white completely at the age of 30 and the hooked nose.

(10)Columbus has two sons from two different women Diego Columbus and Fernando.

Fun and Amazing Facts about Christopher Columbus for Kids:

Here are some unbelievable Christopher Columbus facts for kids.

(11)Most historians believed that Norse Viking Leif Eriksson has discovered America before Columbus as 500 years earlier.

Christopher Columbus Facts
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(12)His wife died due to Tuberculosis.

(13)He believed that there is only one Ocean that is the Atlantic Ocean.

(14)He thought that the earth is round.

(15)He believed that there is no landmass between Asia and Europe.

(16)Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand sponsored his first voyage.

Christopher Columbus Facts about Voyages:

(17)In the first voyage, Columbus has three ships as Santa Maria, Pinta, and Nina.

(18)The first voyage started on August 3, 1492.

(19)Columbus first landed on the Bahamas.

Christopher Columbus Facts about Voyages
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(20)When he landed on the Bahamas he believed that he has discovered Asia.

(21)Before going on the first voyage and becoming the admiral and viceroy of the new world Columbus was a privateer.

(22)Columbus was Christian and believed in god.

(23)Columbus is referred to as the father of the New World.

(24)In his fourth voyage, he suffered from gout and inflammation in eyes.

(25)Before he died, he requested a new voyage, a Christian crusade to Jerusalem to help out the people against Muslims.


(26)He was inspired by the writing of Italian explorer

“Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli” to find out Asia through the west.

(27)Skeletal evidence proved that Columbus and his crew brought a complex disease Syphilis to the old world.

(28)Columbus was a great sailor but a bad governor and administrator.

(29)Before his death, he was not sure that he has discovered the new world.

(30)Many countries in Europe and America celebrate Columbus Day on 12 October.

(31)Columbus has been viewed as a great explorer, a monster, a slave trader and a cruel man. He has both qualities.


(32)In 1992, in Berkeley, California, Columbus Day was replaced by Indigenous People’s Day.

(33)Columbus destroyed the native population of Haiti massively afterword the European has brought African people to the new world as a slave.

(34)Christopher Columbus introduced Horses into the New World.

(35)Columbus and his crew introduced new foods in Europe like they have brought sugar cane, wheat, olives, orange, lemon, pomegranates, dates, cucumbers, lettuces, grapes, and melons.

(36)European first introduced Tobacco in the New World.

Christopher Columbus Facts
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(37)Columbus was interested in gold and he developed a system for native, they brought a specific quota of gold, if some of them failed he has a hand chopped off.

(38)He was the first European who saw the coast of South America in his third voyage.

(39)His favorite ship was Nina among three ships which were swifter and smaller.

(40)He made four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean the first voyage in 1492. Second in 1493 third in 1498 and fourth that was final in 1502.


Still, people are getting inspiration from Christopher Columbus and his worthy

(41)After the death of his wife, he never married his mistress, who was Beatriz Enríquez de Arana.

(42)Some historian believed that before the arrival of Columbus in the new world the Muslim came to America in 700s before Columbus several years ago. Even he has used maps created by Muslim explorer.

(43)Rodrigo de Triana was the one in Columbus’s crew who first saw the sighted land that Columbus called it as San Salvador now days called the Bahamas.

Christopher Columbus was a great common and bad explore. His countless effort for gold and new water route for trade and discovered the New World America.

(44)Portugal, France, and England refused to sponsor Columbus dream Voyage.

(45)Columbus failed to prove that the earth is round.

(46)The three ships which he used in first voyage real name were

(1)Santa María (the Holy Mary),

(2)Pinta (the Painted)

(3) Santa Clara (nicknamed the Niña: the Little Girl).

Christopher Columbus Ships
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(47)He was a layer because he promised his crew that whoever saw land will reward gold. Rodrigo de Triana was the first man who sees the land but he was not rewarded as Columbus promised and Columbus started telling people that he first saw the land.

(48)Half of his voyage ended terribly due environment and disaster. In his first voyage, his flagship Santa Maria grounded a reef and sank the next day. He leaves 39 men behind in a settlement which he named it La Navidad.

(49)He was a religious man and believed in God has singled him to go for the voyage for discovery.

(50)At his third voyage even he found Orinoco River empty out into the Atlantic he believed that he has discovered Garden of Heaven.

(52)Columbus was the one who has started the slave trade.

(53)There is a myth that where is now Columbus buried in Spain or in Dominican Republican.

(53)Christopher Columbus is a just an Americanized version of his name his original name is Cristoforo Colombo.


Some historian has written that Columbus was addicted to opium.



In 1893, the landing of Christopher Columbus stamps was published in America.

What do you think about Christopher Columbus?

Is Christopher Columbus Hero or Villian?

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