Christopher Columbus Biography & Discovries [Infographics] 2023
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Christopher Columbus biography Infographic will amaze you and reveal some uncomfortable truth and the discoveries of Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus was a famous Italian explorer and trader who discovered new world America.

Christopher Columbus Biography Infographics

History is a tough little bit and for those who don’t want to mess with books. Here is the solution, an infographic, a visual representation of Christopher Columbus which cover the following aspects of Christopher Columbus.

  • Life
  •  4 Voyages (comprehensive history)
  • Childhood and early education
  • Family
  • The reality of Christopher Columbus
    Christopher Columbus biography [Infographics}
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According to native American, Christopher Columbus was a monster, rapist, killer, and an invader.

But behind the wall the scene is different.


Thousand of people still love him and believed that Christopher Columbus discovered America.

They are getting inspiration from Christopher Columbus quotes.

The amazing fact of Christopher Columbus is that he was the first European who landed first on the American continent.

Christopher Columbus life was full of adventure, exploration and hard work.

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